Simple and practical acts of kindness can open hearts to the love of Jesus for both the ones being served and those who serve.

It is important to us here at The Bridge Church that we be a welcoming part of our community.. We want to ensure people KNOW we’re here, are HAPPY we’re here and are BETTER because we’re here.

local partnerships

global partnerships

Community Recovery Center

White County Family Connection

Whispering Angels Youth Ranch

Is a 12-month women’s 12-step residential program. This Christian based program provides structure for the ability to transition back into a stable environment. 

Works to improve the well-being and health conditions of families through a collaborative system of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support. 

Provides a safe, nurturing environment to facilitate hope, healing, love and acceptance. The ranch focuses on children ranging from 8-18 years of age that have faced or are currently facing various challenges in their lives. 

North Georgia Christian Counseling

Seeks to provide affordable professional counseling anchored in Christian values for people living in and around White County. Although their counselors have a Christian worldview, they offer counceling to everyone

Amped Kids Foundation

Music education is provided to positively impact the lives of foster and adopted youth. The Amped Kids Foundation offers private music lessons, band scholarships, songwriting

White County Caring & Sharing

White County Caring and Sharing helps our community help their neighbors survive hard times by providing a secure way to assist people experiencing a temporary financial crisis.

Backpack Buddies

Each week school students are able to take home a bag full of nutritious food to enjoy over the weekend. This food is vital to the health of students who rely on school meals and would not eat otherwise.

Family Promise

Fighting to end homelessness A mother loses her job, a father is kept from working by an injury, a family is forced from their home

Cleveland Care Center

It started simply as a few ladies giving pregnancy tests and diapers and grew into a larger ministry. We want to be a resource the families in the community can come to when they need assistance. We attempt to provide options for our clients that they might not have realized they had.

Catalyst Christian Learning Center

The Catalyst Christian Learning Center is a non-profit program that teaches public high school students Biblically based courses during school hours. 

Jericho House Men's Recovery

We are a Christ-centered drug and alcohol recovery program located in the mountains of North Georgia. Our mission is to guide men who are caught in addiction on their recovery journey and help them rewrite their story for a better future.

Freedom Hill Women's Recovery

A woman’s journey through Freedom Hill begins with a commitment to our 12-month residential sober living community. 

Emerge Missions

Village Reach India

People For Caring & Learning


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