Serve at The Bridge Church

As people chose to serve, whether in the church, community or around the world, the impact of that service will change lives.  The change happens in those serving, the people they serve, and even for those who observe them giving time to help someone else. We’re excited for you to take a step toward being an agent for transformation.


It takes over 300 volunteers to make Sunday morning happen, not to mention additional leaders to facilitate mid-week programs and small groups.  Willing to help? Find out how you can get involved and serve others.
(link to volunteer application and icons to link to department specific info)


As a church, we want to be known for our extraordinary generosity-both time and money-towards those in our local community. Check out and consider serving with the organizations we partner with regularly.

(Link to page with organizations and applications to volunteer:  Family Promise, Meet the Need, homestead for children, etc.)

Want to learn more about the church before you jump in?

Membership is not required for all opportunities to volunteer, but you might consider joining our “Blueprints” class to learn about membership and to get a good look at how the church operates and what The Bridge values.

Not sure how you can help?

Consider completing the “Spiritual Gifts Inventory” to learn more about how God has uniquely gifted you to serve. Then schedule an appointment to clarify the best context for you to serve.

Volunteer Application

Download and fill out our volunteer application and bring it by the church.  Your information is confidential and will only be shared with the appropriate pastoral staff deemed necessary.

We are so glad you are looking for a place to use your gifts and talents!  Please complete the form to indicate areas where you are interested in serving as a volunteer.

Thank You