Adult Growth Groups

We believe that life is better connected, and Growth Groups are the perfect place to connect with other people like you. These small gatherings are where people meet to grow in intimacy with God, grow in community with other believers, and grow in influence with those outside of the church.


When do groups meet?

Groups meet at various times and locations. You can join a group and remain in it over the course of many semesters, or you can join a short-term group, as well as select the ones that best fit your stage of life.  We encourage participation in the GroupLink event in January and August to join a group or sign up for a new group.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for a group typically happens at our GroupLink events two times per year.  This event will showcase all the groups that are available, help you meet other people, and get the information to inspire you to join your perfect group!  This is a fun way to get the scoop on groups and join one.  Priority is given for participants at the GroupLink event. After this event, any groups that still have space for participants are made available online for you to register.

What is required of me to participate?

After the initial sign-up, group members are encouraged to do 3 things:
1. Show up. Committing to be present at the group meetings is imperative to making it a successful experience for you and your members.

2. Join in. When you share your insight, experience, and stories, it makes the entire connection so much more meaningful. Do the best you can to engage with the group every time you arrive.

3. Be Real. No one likes to have to put on a happy face after a hard day. We hope you’ll bring your most authentic self to the group each time you meet and encourage others to do the same.

How can I lead a group?

If you would like to start a group, you can complete a leader application HERE or contact the Connections Pastor directly to get started. We provide curriculum to get you started, as well as training opportunities to help you develop as a leader.

Why Growth Groups?

Because Jesus modeled it

Grow in your faith with others

Serve together

Develop authentic friendships

Experience life change with others

You can't grow spiritually
without connecting relationally!

Contact Jeff Groves for more information!